You Deserve to Truly THRIVE.

Learn to navigate your personal, career and business growth with impact as a Female Leader in a male-dominated industry.

Thriving Female Leaders Booster Group:

A dynamic online group coaching programme that will help you grow as a female executive and leader among a group of like-minded women.

Hosted by Katrin Sturm, Founder & CEO of The Best Possible You. 

Thriving Female Leaders Programme
Yes! I Am Ready to Thrive!

Let's be honest...

You look successful from the outside, but that's not the full story, is it? 

While at work in a male-dominated industry like Tech or SaaS, you find yourself in a leadership role trying to juggle it all - chasing goals, putting the work in to achieve them, managing yourself and a team, handling tough conversations, and trying to collaborate effectively with colleagues, stakeholders and maybe clients as well.

You got this niggling feeling you're not enough or not doing it right.

And let's face it, being a female leader in a male-dominated industry can often be a lonely place.

The higher you go up, the lonelier it usually gets.

Stressed woman sits at a desk with her hands over her face


You overcompensate...

You've overcome countless challenges in your career and are driven to succeed, but the inner critic is sometimes creeping in and you tend to go the extra mile to justify your position and standing (especially among your male counterparts).

You question your own decisions...

You manage your team like a pro and are a master collaborator, buy you're constantly replaying conversations in your head and question your own decisions.   

You worry you'll be "found out..."

You've already come a very long way! But imposter syndrome might be threatening to take the joy out of your wins and career successes and you are not sure you deserve to be where you are at. 

You're feeling isolated...

The higher you climb, the lonelier it gets. Now that COVID-19 has stripped away in-person events, networking and those water cooler moments, it has become much more difficult to exchange yourself with others and build genuine professional relationships.


You are not alone.

All ambitious and successful women feel like this from time to time

We've been there. Without a safe space to discuss challenges and open up, how does one go about learning to lead with confidence and impact?

Yes! I Am Ready to Thrive!

about Katrin

We get it. And we can guarantee the career, the brand, the life(style) you want, is within your reach. 

Katrin Sturm, our founder and Chief Empowering Officer (CEO) at The Best Possible You is a woman who knows how to lead.

But it wasn't always that way.

Katrin found herself in senior management roles in fast-paced, high pressure environments in multinational companies like Salesforce that required more than what she felt she had to succeed.

This led her to start her own personal development journey, to lead and manage teams better, and most of all to become the best possible version of herself.

Empowered by knowledge and the right professional support, she then achieved her year-long goal to start her own business.

Katrin Sturm Business Coach sits at desk smiling

But where was Katrin to turn to find the support she needed to gain confidence and soar professionally? Her company structure may have had mentor programmes and training in place, but these were not always safe places for her to open up, be vulnerable and share her challenges constructively. 

It’s a common problem for female leaders in male-dominated businesses and industries...until now.

just imagine

the joy and freedom of having a safe, professional space to open up, share your challenges, and find better ways to lead with confidence, build your brand further and at the same time extend your network outside your organisation.


It's time to learn to lead with confidence and intention to thrive personally and professionally!

You'll need professional support, practical advice and hands-on guidance.

Exchange best practices as part of a community of like-minded female leaders in other successful companies who know what you're going through.

Be inspired, gain accountability, and be motivated to reach your goals.

hands-on guidance

No cookie-cutter solutions here.  You need practical coaching that grows with you combined with hands-on tips from women in similar roles and businesses.

Female leaders working in male-dominated industry

Safe, private and confidential space to open up, bounce ideas around and grow, all facilitated by a top business coach.

Female leaders in male-dominated industry
Master your mindset and practice assertive communication at work, setting boundaries for better relationships, and handling tough conversations.

You'll be able to lead with impact, enjoy better results and be happier at work and in your personal life. 


A dynamic online coaching programme that will help you grow as a female leader among a group of like-minded women.


This 6-month programme provides professional women like YOU with the tools and practical advice to help you lead with confidence and empower your way to thrive in career and business, facilitated by a top business coach who understands your company culture and can give you the recognition you need to open up. 

Benefit from the support of a network of like-minded female leaders, discuss challenges and fears, listen and be listened to.

All while having access to your exclusive new inner circle 

We guarantee you will leave each session feeling empowered, inspired and uplifted – ready to tackle your goals with joy and enthusiasm!

Get that promotion, move to that new role, exchange best practices with other leading businesses, fulfill your ambition - or just feel happier and more comfortable growing professionally in your current role!

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Yes, I'm Ready to Thrive!

The power is in your hands

Here's what you'll accomplish, with step-by-step guidance from us:


Boost your confidence and growth through bi-monthly 60-minute structured online live Zoom sessions designed for female leaders like you, facilitated by Katrin.

She is known for creating a confidential and safe space in a group setting that will make it natural for you to engage and ask for help and support by lifting you up and having fun at the same time.


Each live session will include a Hot SeatExpertise Sharing, and Accountability Tasks.

We will discuss the challenges you are facing and goals you are chasing right now and how the group can support. 

You come up with your individual call to actions that we hold yourself accountable for.


Benefit from a network of like-minded female leaders from other renowned businesses in the Tech industry that you would otherwise not get to meet.

Lean on your new inner circle and tribe through our private Slack channel where you can find tools and insights and a short recap of our live sessions as well as our exclusive WhatsApp Group for immediate support.


Get focused support and expert guidance to help you unlock your true potential and create the lifestyle and career you love.

Exchange best practices with other female leaders and executives in the industry facing similar challenges while growing your network.

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Each live session of our online business coaching programme for female leaders is led by our founder Katrin Sturm, a leading executive coach and scale-up advisor.

As a female leader with experience in elite sales and leadership roles in fast-paced, male-dominated industries, Katrin understands your world and is best suited to helping driven women like you to unlock your true potential and become the best possible you. 

We can’t wait to watch you thrive on our exciting new programme!



- You are a female (non-Tech) leader in the Tech or SaaS Industry or other male-dominant industry

- You want to further develop your brand

- You are an ambitious woman who wants to:

  • Lead with more impact and become a more efficient and effective people manager
  • Manage yourself, your team and the business more successfully with the right balance of personal growth and wellbeing
  • Pro-actively drive your personal and career development
  • Network outside your organisation and build valuable relationships while learning from others

- You are committed to personal growth and development, and understand that change in life, career and business starts with you.

Katrin Sturm, Business coach teaching a workshop

Most importantly, you match our values:

handshake icon representing Katrin's core value: commitment


You show up to the live sessions and actively participate.  In order to get the most out of the group, you'll need to eliminate distractions. No multitasking!

padlock icon representing Katrin's core value: trust


Everything discussed within our group is confidential.  There's no need for competition between group members, because we're all in the same boat. 

icon depicting a group of five people representing Katrin's core value: support


This group is all about giving and receiving. We're all about support and genuinely want to see each other succeed. 

sun icon representing Katrin's core value: positivity


We'll shift away from victim mode to create your own story and tackle the things you can control versus complaining about the things outside of our control.

icon with three chat bubbles representing Katrin's core value: open communication


We are all showing up as ourselves and with a growth mindset. Be open to insights and feedback, and expect to be positively challenged in order to move forward. 


It’s all within your grasp. Our application-only programme for female leaders is now open. We are limiting this group to only 6 women.  Register your interest now and our team will get back to you as soon as possible to set up a free clarity call to make sure that this programme is the right fit for you.

Yes, I'm Ready to Thrive!

working with Katrin...


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If you've actively participated in the program for 30 days (meaning you participate in two live sessions) and aren't happy, we'll give you a full refund. 


You deserve to thrive in your personal and professional life.  Take the next step towards the life you truly want to live. 

frequently asked questions

Well, since you asked...

Can I join the programme just for a few months to get me started on my goals?

No, we ask that all applicants are available to commit to the full 6-month programme. We believe that participants will only truly benefit from this programme by starting at the same time and committing to show up for a minimum of 6 months to ensure trust, vulnerability and a sense of belonging within the group. This way we can also assure that you will get something out of it!

Okay, but I won’t be available to start right away, can I join at any stage and complete the 6-month programme?

The group will run for an initial period of 6 months with monthly live events where everyone in the group joins in. We think you will get more benefit from the live interaction with the group so maybe this level of commitment is not right for you at the moment. It is important that we all engage regularly with each other to establish comfort and trust within the group. So it is not possible to catch up and join at a later stage. 

What will I need to join the session?

As our group sessions and community building will take place online we ask you to make sure that you have a working, reliable Internet connection, a web cam, working microphone and preferably a desktop computer to join in on our sessions. We also ask that you are willing to engage fully and have the time to commit to our programme. It’s simple: to get results, you need to show up, listen, engage and put the work in. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it!


Join our group of like-minded driven professional women, find better ways to lead with confidence, reach your career goals AND thrive in your personal life!

The programme is limited to only 6 members. Apply now to avoid disappointment and start 2021 with a bang (and a plan!)

Yes! I Am Ready to Thrive!

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