For leaders who want to help their team thrive...

Is Your Team Lacking Motivation?

If your team has lost interest in performance, it's time to give them a boost (so you can thrive together.)

The Best Possible You Virtual Team Booster Programme 

An exciting team building programme that strengthens your team by sparking motivation, connection and fun that’s imperative for committed, high performing teams.

Hosted by Katrin Sturm, Founder & CEO of The Best Possible You. 

Thriving Female Leaders Programme
Yes! My Team Needs A Boost!

Whether you’re leading a team of 10 or 100...

Maintaining morale and the performance of your team is your number #1 goal.

Like many managers in the fast-paced, high-pressure, tech or SaaS industry, you find yourself struggling to keep the team unified and motivated while working from different locations.

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Without the regular face to face contact of the office environment, you may find it challenging to:

  • Build rapport
  • Onboard new starts
  • Boost team morale
  • Check in on team members

These things make it more difficult to understand your team members and how to support them so they can perform at their very best.


This extra challenge comes at an already stressful time, as your company adapts to change, growth and a shifting demand for products and services. You feel as if it’s a constant battle to keep the team motivated and focused on the end goal, with no face to face contact or ability to grab them for a chat by the coffee dock. It’s getting really difficult to manage this team remotely and you desperately need to bring everyone together and get back that spirit of collaboration! 


it was easy enough to give the team a boost, if you felt the they were lacking energy and motivation. You could just schedule a team night out or a lunch together to give everyone the opportunity to open up, share their challenges, manage stress, build rapport, practice good communication, and grow together as a team.

What if you could tap into the power of the offsite again to empower your team and open the door to more motivation and better team performance?

Take a break from the monotony of the everyday, and  get the team together remotely for dedicated ‘team time’ facilitated by a professional coach. 

Take the opportunity to really focus on you and your people. Help them (and you) to work together more efficiently. Bring back that spark of motivation, connection and fun that’s imperative for committed, high performing teams.

With our

Virtual Team Booster Programme

you and your team can enjoy all the benefits of the traditional offsite in a COVID-safe online environment facilitated by a top executive and mindset coach who understands your industry and the fast-paced, high-pressure environment you operate in.

Virtual Team Booster Programme

Our exciting online team building programme allows you and your team to come together virtually in a series of live sessions facilitated by our founder Katrin SturmEach session of this continuous coaching programme is 60-90 minutes and designed to be interactive, engaging and most of all, fun

Yes! My Team Needs A Boost!

what's included

The Virtual Team Booster Online Programme will create the safe, confidential, independent space that you and your team need to open up and come together again on an authentic level that will naturally boost team morale and productivity.

Group Team Booster Sessions

Live Team Building Sessions

Monthly Sessions are led by Katrin Sturm. Each session is catered to the needs of your team, and promotes open dialogue and team building and keeps everyone actively engaged and performing their best. 

Team Booster Group Chat

Team Discussion Channel

To keep team energy high between sessions, all participants are invited to join an online team discussion channel. Here team members can stay in touch in a less formal environment, discuss "aha" moments, share goals, and celebrate successes.

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One-on-One Leader Support

We provide 1:1 support to you, the leader of the team. Leader sessions take place before and after the monthly group sessions, so you get the benefits when you need it most! Get additional 1:1 support with the challenges we are addressing during team sessions.

Yes, My Team Needs A Boost!

about Katrin

At The Best Possible You, we understand the unique demands of your industry because we’ve sat on both sides of that fence.

Katrin Sturm, our founder and Chief Empowering Officer (CEO) at The Best Possible You has been part of the same high performing teams in the tech and SaaS space, with international companies such as Salesforce.

She’s led business development and sales teams herself with up to 12 direct reports in a fast paced, high pressure environment.

Katrin understands the perspective of both the manager and team members because she’s been exactly in your shoes. She understands the challenges you face as a leader, but also what it takes to open up and build that trust we need as team members to stay connected, build great rapport with colleagues and managers, and thrive!

Katrin Sturm Business Coach sits at desk smiling


  • Reignite your team's energy and motivation, no matter where they are based
  • Create a sense of community, encourage collaboration and grow that team spirit
  • Reopen lines of authentic communication 
  • Build better rapport between team members working remotely  
  • Improve self-awareness and open the door to personal growth and greater satisfaction at work for you and your team
  • Build resilience and confidence in team members who may be feeling isolated and disconnected working from home
  • Set individual and team goals, enable your team to achieve them
  • Benefit from the accountability of checking in on a regular basis with an external business partner with a neutral perspective
  • Opportunity for all to self-reflect and enjoy the insight and many ‘aha’ moments
  • Gain more clarity on individual and career development
  • Simply share, grow and thrive together.

Although our powerful Virtual Team Booster Programme follows a proven format, there is flexibility to the focus of the sessions. We tailor the programme for you based on your team’s challenges.

Every interaction begins with a consultation call, where we help you to identify what your team may be struggling with. Choose from a menu of topics or more specialized coaching to empower and enable your team:

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  • Wellbeing and Wellness
  • Personal growth and personal development
  • Listening Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Career Development
  • Team Building and Team Bonding
  • Sales Coaching
  • (Growth) Mindset

Unlock the path to engaged, high performing teams with our powerful Virtual Team Booster Online Programme. 

Bring the team together before it falls apart!

Yes, My Team Needs A Boost!

frequently asked questions

Well, since you asked...

Is this just another online event or training programme that brings little reward?

NO! For a start it’s not a training programme. This online programme works like an offsite for your team. Using our experience leading teams in the tech and SaaS industry, along with professional coaching techniques, we create a space for you and your team to open dialogue, discuss goals and challenges, self-reflect, engage with each other and build rapport in a more relaxed environment away from the pressure of your daily work life. Participants open up, learn and share, naturally becoming happier and more confident and productive. The transformation is real! 

Okay, but can we just do one afternoon session and get all the benefits?

We could, but based on experience and feedback we have seen that the benefits are much bigger, transformational and long-lasting when you commit to a continuous coaching programme for you and your staff over a series of weeks and months with accountability follow-up. Participants open up, become more relaxed and confident, and start to really enjoy this time to check in with themselves and how they and the team are doing away from the pressure of the work environment.

Is there a pre-set programme you can send me before we talk?

As we tailor this programme to your team's needs, we first need to understand your challenges and make sure we are the right business partner for you. Though we follow a proven structure, there is no set programme we deliver. We set the focus of the next session based on what is needed and the leader and team feedback. This flexibility has been received very positively in the past and helps us to keep it relevant with the right impact. 

It sounds great but how am I going to get budget for this?

Investing in your team is a worthwhile endeavour and will reap many rewards in terms of a happier, more connected and productive team. But we get that it can be hard to get budget. We can help you come up with a good case for investing in our programme and explore budget routes that you might not be thinking of right now.


Do you want to support your team to thrive, be more productive and simply be at their best?

Bring everyone together at a time when we have to stay apart. 

Reach out now and give your team the boost they need and deserve.

Yes! My Team Needs A Boost!

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